Monday, June 1, 2020

Dear Second Grade Students and Families,

Happy birthday, Jack!  I hope you have a very special eighth birthday!

As a reminder, Ms. Regan will join us during our virtual class meeting on Thursday at 3:00.  She will share some information about 3rd grade and hopefully do an activity or game with the rising 3rd graders (that’s you!).  In addition, Friday will be a special Maker Day.  The 2nd graders will be tasked with making something out of materials around the house.


  1. Today’s special is music.  Be sure to check out Ms. Renauld’s blog to find great ideas for musical activities you can do at home.  Here’s the link:


  1. Read Hermit Crabs (RazPlus–Hermit Crabs–book).
  2. Read another good fit book for 20 minutes.


  1. Across the week, you will write about your learning this year.  Each day, you will write 4-5 sentences about a given topic (End-of-Year Thoughts).  TODAY: Write about something you got better at this year in reading, writing, math, science, or social studies.


  1. We will use the same packet all week (TPT–Fractions and Partitioning).  You do not need to print all of the pages.  The packet will allow you to practice recognizing fractions and partitioning shapes to make fractions–specifically halves (1/2), thirds (1/3), and fourths (1/4).  TODAY: Complete page 3 (Halves), page 5 (Thirds), and page 7 (Fourths).
  2. Go on Symphony Math for 20 minutes.

Social Studies and Science:

  1. Think about the stories you read last week (Welcome, Carlos! and Haiti Is My Home) and the story Ms. Gray is reading aloud during our class meetings (The New Soccer Ball).  Identify the reasons why the characters in those books–Carlos, Marie, and David–immigrated to the United States (Human Migration Questions).  Share your ideas with an adult.  Ask your adult what they know about the reasons for human migration.  

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