Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Dear Second Grade Students and Families,

I hope you had an amazing time during yesterday’s Virtual Field Day.  I look forward to seeing you today for our 3:00 class meeting.  Be sure to bring the Maker Day creation you made last Friday.  You will have a chance to show what you made and to tell about your creation.  Here are some questions that might help to guide your share.  What did you make?  What materials did you use?  What is the purpose of your creation?  Did anyone help you?  Did you encounter challenges while making your creation?  Did you have fun?


  1. Today’s special is art.  Be sure to check out Ms. Neal’s blog to find great ideas for art activities you can do at home.  Here’s the link: https://lesartroom.edublogs.org/.


  1. Set a personal goal for daily reading this summer.  At a minimum, try to read a good fit book each day on your own for at least 20 minutes.  Start today.  In addition, you might enjoy listening to audiobooks or read-alouds with your family.
  2. Go on Lexia for 20 minutes.


  1. Plan a letter to next year’s teacher.  Include the following details:

–Information about your interests outside of school

–Skills you feel confident with

–Skills you want to work on

–Your favorite subject(s) at school

–One thing you are excited about in 3rd grade


  1. Go on Symphony Math for 20 minutes.  There is an end-of-year assessment that all students should complete before the end of the year.  **Edit: The assessment is not set to start yet, and I’m trying to figure that out.  Go ahead and do the regular Symphony Math activities for today.

Social Studies and Science:

  1. Finish your maker project from last Friday or make something new.  Let your creativity run wild!

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