Friday, June 12, 2020

Dear Second Grade Students and Families,

Wow!  It’s the final day of the school year!  What an unusual year it’s been.  I’ve been so impressed with how you have risen to the challenge of remote learning.  It’s been three months since we’ve seen each other in person.  I’m sure you’ve grown, though I haven’t been with you each day to see it.  I’m also sure you’ve learned so much–whether you’ve been participating in our online learning and virtual class meetings or whether you’ve been focusing on your own projects and learning activities.  This summer, keep reading, keep thinking, keep experimenting, and keep engaging in the world in positive ways.  You are such a wonderful group of kids, and I can’t wait to see you in the fall!  The third grade classroom is just next door.


  1. Today’s special is P.E.  Check out Coach Sadie’s blog for some ideas to help you stay physically active:


  1. Did you already set your personal reading goal for this summer?  Does your goal include reading a good fit text for at least 20 minutes a day?  I sure hope so.  What will you read today?
  2. Go on Lexia for 20 minutes.


  1. Write a letter to your third grade teacher.  This will be your writing assignment for the week.  Include information about your interests outside of school, skills you feel confident with and skills you want to work on at school, your favorite subject at school, and one thing you’re excited about as a rising 3rd grader.  Be sure to start your letter with a greeting (e.g., Dear Ms. Regan,  ) and to end your letter with a closing (Sincerely,  ).  Also, make sure to use your best handwriting and to proofread your letter to fix any spelling, capitalization, or punctuation errors.  When you’re done, send a scanned copy or photograph of your letter to Ms. Gray to pass along to Ms. Regan.


  1. Go on Symphony Math for 20 minutes.  There is an end-of-year assessment that all students should complete before the end of the year.

Social Studies and Science:

  1. Talk as a family about the systemic racism that’s driving the protests that are happening around the country and around the world.  Reading a book (or a magazine or newspaper article) together can serve as a jumping off point.  There are many recommended reading lists online for young children, but getting your hands on books might be hard right now.  However, Epic has a variety of books to get you started.  Here is a link to some of those books (  You will need to login to access the books.  Our free class subscription lasts through the end of the month.

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