Thursday, June 4, 2020

Dear Second Grade Students and Families,

Today is an important day!  Ms. Regan will join our 3:00 virtual meeting to share with you more about what to expect in 3rd grade.  Are you excited?  Come prepared to show Ms. Regan what a respectful, curious, participatory group of students you are.

Also, keep in mind that tomorrow’s work will be different from our usual routine.  Your focus will be making something from items you can find around your house.  I can’t wait to see what you make.  I will post more about it on tomorrow’s blog.


  1. Today’s special is P.E.  Check out Coach Sadie’s blog for some ideas to help you stay physically active:


  1. Choose 4-5 pages of Hermit Crabs to read aloud to someone else (RazPlus–Hermit Crabs–book).  Then complete the comprehension quiz (RazPlus–Hermit Crabs–comprehension quiz).
  2. Go on Lexia for 20 minutes.


  1. Across the week, you will write about your learning this year.  Each day, you will write 4-5 sentences about a given topic (End-of-Year Thoughts).  TODAY: Write about something you feel proud of (in terms of your behavior, participation, and interactions with others) and something you’re still working on (in terms of your behavior, participation, and interaction with others).


  1. We will use the same packet all week (TPT–Fractions and Partitioning).  You do not need to print all of the pages.  The packet will allow you to practice recognizing fractions and partitioning shapes to make fractions–specifically halves (1/2), thirds (1/3), and fourths (1/4).  TODAY: Complete page 26 (Partitioning Shapes), page 27 (Grouping into Half), page 28 (Writing Fractions), and page 31 (Reading Fractions).

Social Studies and Science:

  1. Optional: Talk with a family friend or relative who moved to the United States from another country.  Why did they move?  What parts of their culture did they bring with them?  How did they feel about leaving their home and moving to the U.S.? (Human Migration Questions).

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